ENCORE: Trustworthy

Roger Mosby is now the former President and CEO of the Boy Scouts of America. Roger has had a long career in servant leadership. It all began as a sailor, serving in a squadron on the USS Ranger. We talk about Trustworthiness and Loyalty – what it means in the Navy, and what it means […]

ENCORE: Disruptive Technology

With the rapid pace of technological change today, it’s appropriate that we revisit an earlier podcast: Disruptive Technologies. These technologies such as autonomous weapons systems and artificial intelligence are changing the world, and the way militaries operate. These technologies present both risks and opportunities. We address the definition of disruptive technologies, what makes a technology […]

Coaching and the Skill/Will Matrix

Is Coaching different from Mentorship, and if so, where do they both “fit”? What is the Skill/Will matrix, and how does it work? What makes coaching a powerful tactic to employ within the Skill/Will framework? How does a person’s location on the Skill/Will matrix change, and how does one as the leader know to shift […]

Navy Rugby 2023

We’re talking with the director of rugby at Navy, overseeing the Men’s and Women’s Rugby programs where both the Men and Women are 2023 National Champions. Rugby is a game of grit, determination and resilience. We talk about the 2023 season, with a special emphasis on the final Men’s match against perennial powerhouse the University […]

Chaplains and Confidentiality

Chaplaincy in the Navy is almost as old as the Navy. But what is chaplaincy, and what do Chaplains do? How does a Navy Chaplain work within the leadership structure of a ship or unit, to support the Commanding Officer and her responsibility in the moral, mental and physical mission? Where does the concept of […]

Vectors, former Acting Secretary of the Navy the Honorable Thomas Modly

Consistent communication, from the highest level, to all levels of the nearly 1-million-person Department of the Navy is rare. Why is that so unique, and why did our guest think it was so important. These communications were called Vectors. What is a Vector? How were they produced, and what was the process of producing them? […]

Dark Waters: Explained

Dark Waters is an interactive scenario case study about a collision at sea between a US Navy Destroyer and a tanker. Sailors are trapped in spaces that are quickly flooding, and the protagonist must make the recommendation to close the hatch, and thereby save the ship. In so doing, those sailors would perish. It is […]

Maritime Security: Explained

Maritime Security is a complex case study, where a junior officer must decide among several different outcomes, none of which are optimal from a mission and moral standing. This case is not an outlier, but a representation of what young sailors face in the fleet daily. How does one balance the accomplishment of the mission, […]

Allyship: Explained

Allyship is a series of case studies that follows the interactions of Midshipmen in various scenarios. After witnessing an event or comment by a third part friend and colleague, the protagonist is put into a situation where she must decide why and how to support a different friend who has been assailed by that inappropriate […]