When can I blame the Artificial Intelligence?

What is the Responsibility Gap with respect to Artificial Intelligence? Should you always trust an AI weapon system to make the right call? Why is it important to have explanations of algorithmic outputs? What do different scholars have to say about how t

Adaptability and Naval Special Warfare

What are the challenges faced by the United States and its allies in facing irregular statecraft and operations in the gray zone? How do US “frogmen” shift back to their roots? How important is Adaptability to our profession as naval warriors? What are th

Leadership and Log Canoes

How can the Chesapeake Bay teach leadership lessons? Professor Ken Reightler is a former astronaut and test pilot. He has worked with some of the most advanced systems on and off the planet. We discuss how working to rebuild an historic boat, a Chesapeake

Empathy and Leadership

We discuss Empathy, and its place in Leadership. Is being empathetic incompatible with the military? How can empathy for others be an enabling factor of effective leadership? Is there a link between stoicism and empathy? What can you do to become more emp

Humanitarian Operations

We continue our discussion with CAPT Jason Rimmer, US Navy. In this episode, we talk about the important role that the NavyMarine Corps team has in support of Humanitarian Operations worldwide. He was the Executive Officer of USS KEARSARGE (LHD 3), durin

The Leadership Education and Development Division, USNA

The Leadership Education and Development Division (LEAD) prepares Midshipmen for combat and operational leader roles through a four-year immersion program at the Naval Academy. CAPT Jason Rimmer, USN, leads that academic division. We talk about the import

Mission Command 2

Why does it appear that Russian forces are slow to respond to changes on the battlefield? And why do Ukrainian forces seem so much more agile? Perhaps it involves the leadership and trust principles of Mission Command. In this updated encore presentation,


We’re in conversation with Carol Graser, a leadership coaching expert who is leading the training for Company Officers and Senior Enlisted in the use of coaching techniques in leadership development. We discuss what coaching is all about? How is coaching

Encore: Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are being used in the RussoUkrainian War to devastating effect. In this encore presentation, we revisit the ideas and execution of Drones, in both war and peace. We discuss why learning about these now is worthwhile, how to get i

Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies such as autonomous weapons systems and artificial intelligence are changing the world, and the way militaries operate. These technologies present both risks and opportunities. We address the definition of disruptive technologies, w