Homecoming50: Research and Memoirs

We are five months away from an historic anniversary; the return of the first of the Vietnam Era POWs. Dr. Shaun Baker and former Senior Fellow Alvin Townley talk about that event, and get ready to dive into the details of their years of captivity, their

The Switchman: Moral Deliberation

We revisit the Stockdale Interactive scenario “The Switchman”, and discuss the Moral Deliberation Roadmap. What is your obligation to treat people with Dignity and Respect? How do you balance Constraints against Consequences? What is the difference betwee

The Switchman: Explained

The Switchman is an interactive scenario case study of the classic ethical dilemma the Trolley Problem. It is used in Plebe Leadership, and Youngster Ethics classes. It is the lead case study of the multi-part Stockdale Interactive group of digital case s

Ethical Leadership and the Warfighter

CAPT Franky serves as the Deputy Director for Ethics at the Stockdale Center, and is the Senior Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Representative at the USNA. We talk about the definition, and the role of a “Warfighter” as a decision maker. What does it mean to

Drone Strikes

The US Military has been using unmanned vehicles for kinetic strikes for well over a decade. And recently, we’ve all seen the devastating effect of these so-called drones on the news from the Ukraine. In his new book, Professor Mitt Regan offers an assess

Top Gun, the Ethics of CAPT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell

Every now and then, we get a chance to expand our apeture here at the Stockdale Center. With the Summer release of Top Gun Maverick, we have just that chance. Our guest host on this episode is Marc LiVecche, the McDonald Distinguished Scholar of Ethics, W

The Legacy of the Homecoming of Vietnam Era POWs

Almost fifty years ago, hundreds of U.S. prisoners of war returned home from more than eight years of brutal captivity in North Vietnam. What brought them home? Extraordinary leadership and unflappable courage, exhibited by POW leaders in Vietnam and by t

ENCORE: The Stockdale Paradox

How did a first century philosopher named Epictetus guide VADM James Stockdale through seven and one half years as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam? What does it mean to embrace things that are within our power versus things that are beyond our power? I

Cultural Connection and Empathy

How and why does Empathy matter? What about Mindfulness? What comes first, empathy or self-awareness? We discuss the importance of how a culture organizes its time and space, and how that relates to connection. How can a Midshipman develop empathy?

Artificial Intelligence is a Joint Mission

We are at an inflection point in warfare, just as significant as the introduction of gunpowder or the airplane. The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is transforming U.S. Joint warfighting and departmental processes through the integration of Ar