The Center’s vision is to help prepare men and women who will, as Admiral Stockdale once said, “not only exhort others to be good, but elucidate what the good is.”  For that is the true challenge for our future leaders…not only must they choose right at the moment of ethical decision…they must ensure those entrusted to their care do the same.

And it is to this challenge that the Stockdale Center is called…to prepare our future leaders for an uncertain, complex, and volatile world…a world where tactical decisions have strategic implications.

The Center’s mission is to empower leaders to make courageous ethical decisions. The Center’s priority audience is at the Naval Academy, yet the Center has a broader vision to be a beacon to the nation,” exporting lessons from the Academy to influential leaders.

Core Competencies

  • Research. The Center undertakes research to identify and study the most important emerging ethical leadership issues.
  • Consultation. The Center consults with high-level leaders to assist them in tackling complex ethical leadership issues.
  • Innovation. The Center develops innovative products that provide new ways to strengthen and accelerate the ethical leadership development process.  
  • Dissemination. The Center disseminates concepts, principles and ideas through lectures, published materials, and the Web.
  • Integration. The Center ensures all Academy leadership, character and ethics programs and activities are aligned and integrated.