We continue our discussion of AI & Education. Data Analytics can inform a teacher as to the relative quality of a student’s work. AI can analyze large volumes of educational data to identify trends and patterns related to student performance and engagement. Educators can use this information to make data-driven decisions, such as identifying struggling students early, implementing interventions, and improving curriculum design. But there are also “downsides” to AI. We discuss bias, opacity, privacy and other issues.

Professor Jovana Davidovic (PhD) is an Associate Professor at the University of Iowa, and a Senior Fellow here at the Stockdale Center. She also holds an appointment with the College of Laws Center for Human Rights at the University of Iowa, and she is the Chief Ethics Officer at BabelAi, a company that audits and certifies Ai systems. Her research and teaching interests include social and political philosophy, applied ethics, philosophy of law, military ethics, AI and algorithm ethics. Her recent work has focused on AI and algorithm ethics in military settings and algorithm audits.

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