How does this 2007 animated feature play with the premise of time travel and multiple histories or parallel universes? How does the film cause us to consider the plausibility of its main character, Lewis, being able to interact with his adult self after having time travelled into the future? How does the film illustrate the large ramifying effects of small events, especially in the childhood experience of “Goob,” Lewis’s roommate in an orphanage? How does the artistic portrayal of the future world, Lewis as inventor, had largely created, reflect Walt Disney’s futurism and “Tomorrowland” theme parks? How does the film provide opportunity to comment upon the mitigation of potential risks of scientific research carried out in the private realm? How does the AI robot “Doris,” reflect these concerns? What risks would suggest some technologies should not be released into the public? How does the film illustrate these concerns with regard to time-travel technology? Should such technology ever be used, or does it introduce too much potential for chaos? Is time travel only possible in a multiple-universe setting?

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