How does this 2022 film, based upon the relationship between Korean War aviators Ensign Jesse Brown and Lieutenant Tom Hudner, illustrate the level of camaraderie between these two men, their Fighter squadron (VF-32), and the state of racial integration in the US military at the time? In that regard, what is the import of Jesse’s discomfort with being singled out by the press while on board the Leyte with VF-32? How does the Yalu bridge episode illustrate the dangers faced by Jesse when Hudner files his after-action report on Brown’s decision? Why does Hudner choose to file the report, despite Jesse’s concern that it could curtail his career? How does Hudner attempt to mitigate the risks for Jesse? How does the relationship between the two men illustrate the differences in culture between sources of officer accession; the Naval Academy and NROTC? How does the film show the bonding that occurs due to the rigors of military training and combat, and the emotional impact wrought by loss of comrades in arms?

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