The Returned with Honor program recognizes the sacrifice of the Vietnam Era POWs and their families. We’ve been celebrating these men and women on the Yard in several ways this academic year.

We start our podcast with VADM Sean Buck, the Superintendent of the Naval Academy, joined by his wife, Mrs. Joanne Buck. We then talk with CAPT Tasya Lacy about the programs she is leading around the Yard this year, from the Honor, Courage, Commitment Luncheon, to the Passing on Wisdom public TV documentary, to the Dole Institute League of Wives Exhibit displayed in Mahan Hall, and the Nixon Presidential Library event for POWs. Finally, Senior Fellow Alvin Townley talks about the important ideas we can all better understand by paying attention to the stories of the POWs.

The POW Challenge is a high-tech scavenger hunt that goes live on February 12, 2023. Midshipmen, Faculty, Staff, Coaches and guests on the Yard can “play” the challenge. Go to: to see more.

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