What does this 2013 film, taking place during a drive, involving the driver in a series of phone calls as he attempts to oversee a very important project while dealing with a personal crisis brought on by his own infidelity, tell us about Ivan Locke’s moral character? Did Ivan make the correct choice in leaving the major project, a concrete pour in order to be present for Bethan during birthing of his child? What can we say about his efforts to satisfy moral obligations toward both and his determination to tell his wife the truth? Did he make the right choice to not personally attend and manage the pour? What does this film teach us about making our best efforts toward being cognizant of the potential for unwanted ramifications in our behaviors? Why did Ivan Locke give inadequate consideration to the possible professional and personal ramifications of the one night stand? Does Ivan Locke redeem his moral integrity by the end of the film, and if so, to what degree?

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