What does the 2019 animated film, which presents an original retelling of the origins of the Santa Claus myth, tell us about mixed motivations when it comes to moral behavior? How does the character arc of Jesper as well as the children of the town of Smeerensburg, show that self-interest not only can incentivize moral behavior, but reap deeper change of moral character? How does the story illustrate the connections between historical events and personages and mythos? How does it illustrate this, using the comically mundane aspects of the efforts made by Klaus and Jesper to deliver toys to the children of Smeerensburg? How do these episodes function as origination points for elements of the Santa Claus mythos? How does the spirit of Klaus’s deceased wife work against his character’s centrifugal tendency and desire to live the life of a loner? How does the film contrast the relatively open attitudes of the children of the opposing clans, as opposed to the set ways of adults?

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