What does this story, set in 1957 Detroit tell us about the efforts of Ted Lindsey to unionize the players of the ‘original six’ teams of the NHL? How does the monopoly power over US teams, such as the Redwings and Blackhawks held by the Norris family illustrate points raised by Plato in his famous Ring of Gyges thought experiment? How does the insulation provided by great wealth and political connections mirror the magical powers of that ring? What does this thought experiment drive home about the relationship between morality and self-interest? How does the early history of the NHL ownership group, as portrayed in this film, also illustrate Plato’s point? How does the film illustrate the dangers of paternalistic rationalizations with regard to the players’ pension fund? How does the film’s portrayal of Gordy Howe’s relationship with Ted Lindsey illustrate the conflicting motivations, loves or loyalties of the players that made up the league in those days?

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