What does this film, a sequel to the famous 1973 film, tell us about the problem of evil? How does the friendship between police Lt. Kinderman and Father Ryan allow the film to explore the issues raised for belief in God posed by the occurrence of gratuitous evil of the nature portrayed in the film? How does the film raise the question with regard to Satan’s evil? Does it imply that evil is something that cannot be eliminated, even by God? How does the dialog between Kinderman and the spirit of the Gemini Killer explore the challenges faced by traditional dualistic views as to mind body interaction, via the premise of spiritual possessions? How do films like this contribute to the debate over whether such portrayals of shocking evil should be presented? How does the film, in the persons of police investigator Kinderman and Father Ryan, illustrate the moral injury burnout or exhaustion that can occur in certain professions?

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