What does this film, based upon the Jim Dent book of the same name, tell us about football coaching philosophies that were common in the 1950s and 1960s? Does Paul (Bear) Bryant come to the conclusion that he went too far in his efforts to break the lackadaisical culture at Texas A&M? What positive results did his hard tactics have with regard to character formation of players, many of whom went on to successful careers not only in football, but in other arenas of life? Why did the men come to appreciate the experience, even if it was an exercise in excess, and, at times endangered the lives of players? How can you use cases like that of Bear Bryant to illustrate Aristotle’s concept of the mean? How does the film portray Bryant’s guilt at having run such a harsh camp, and the players’ forgiveness and appreciation of Bryant? How does the film allow us to contrast differing coaching philosophies? How can you morally contrast military training, and life endangering risks contained therein with athletic competition and training? Can harsh athletic experience prepare one for the rigors of military life?

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