What does this 1992 Clint Eastwood film tell us about mythologizing of cruel figures in the so called ‘Wild West’? How does the character “English Bob” reflect the sanitizing fictions that were circulated in the press and popular culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? How does the film illustrate the real emotional and moral impact of killing? How do the differing reactions of Munny, Ned Logan and the ‘Schofield Kid’ illustrate the moral deadening and injurious effects of a lifetime as killer and outlaw? How does the character Munny illustrate that in lawless circumstances, in order to exact justice or retribution, or provide security, society often employs hard men, but then tends to push them aside when the emergency has passed? How does the treatment of the women in the film illustrate the morally shocking nature and misogyny of brothels? The victim of a viscious attack is treated merely as property that had been damaged. How do the women respond when they find they will not be protected by Little Bill, the sheriff? How does the film illustrate arguments in favor of legalizing such work which eventually carried the day in Nevada? How does the parasitical nature of the writer W.W. Beauchamp, and his desire to latch on to the three main characters illustrate the moral risks and harmful consequences of ‘yellow journalism?’

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