What does this miniseries, based upon the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster and its aftermath, tell us about the contribution made to the disaster by the closed Soviet system, and its Marxist/Leninist ideology? How important was international media to the eventual clean-up and averting of an even worse disaster? How do the film-makers portray the heroism of ordinary citizens in the cleanup operation? How does the miniseries show the cynicism of ordinary citizens and party functionaries in the face of the failures of the Soviet system? How does it show the ordinary person’s courage and willingness to sacrifice their lives? How does this invidiual heroism contrast with the willingness of communist states to indulge in crude utilitarian calculus when it comes to mass sacrifice of human life? Should the Russian government have allowed people to return to live in the exclusion zone? Should people be allowed to visit the area? What level of respect to those who died should be shown by such visitors, and how has social media illustrated this? What books should one read in concert with watching this miniseries? Is the film intended to be anti-nuclear power?

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