What does this film tell us about the role of alcohol in Danish culture, in particular, youth as they navigate the milestones of academic life? How does it illustrate the dual nature of alcohol use for purposes of lighting creativity or buoying self confidence or verve for life? How do the middle aged teachers that are the main characters illustrate the risks and rewards of using alcohol for this purpose? Is alcohol both a genie of the magic lamp, and a Pandora’s box of risk? What exactly does it mean to describe alcohol as “liquid courage”? Does the loss of inhibition that comes with imbibing serve as an adequate substitute for the virtue courage, or is it a crutch or substitute to which it is dangerously easy to resort? Is this substitution role the door to addiction and the chemical dependency of alcoholism and attendant tragedies? Does the moderate drinker still run an unacceptable risk of falling into this trap? How does the story arch of the film answer these questions?

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