The Flag Brief

Hosted by Michael Sears

Pull up a chair and listen in on conversations with senior Naval and Military officers, and Senior Executive Service officials offering one-on-one words of wisdom and guidance. Appropriate for Junior Officers and Midshipmen in particular, anyone in general.

New Show: Radio Stockdale
byStockdale Center - Michael Sears

Note: all episodes of The Flag Brief have been copied to a new show, “Radio Stockdale”. Search on your podcast player for “Radio Stockdale” and hit Subscribe. Hear all of your old Flag Brief episodes, and many new episodes on Ethics, Character, Leadership and Law on “Radio Stockdale”. No new episodes will be posted on this show starting November 1, 2021.

New Show: Radio Stockdale
Senior Director Caitlin Durkovich
Vice Admiral John Christenson
LtGen John Wissler, USMC (ret.)
The Honorable Christine Fox
ADM Mike Mullen USN (ret.)
RADM Mike Manazir USN (ret.)