Ethics and the Naval Warrior

Hosted by Michael Sears

A 10-minute, podcast. Off-the-cuff discussions of leadership, ethics, and law by and for the Naval Warrior.

New Show: Radio Stockdale
byStockdale Center - Michael Sears

Note: all episodes of Ethics and the Naval Warrior have been copied to a new show, “Radio Stockdale”. Search on your podcast player for “Radio Stockdale” and hit Subscribe. Hear all of your old Ethics and the Naval Warrior episodes, and many new episodes on Ethics, Character and Leadership on “Radio Stockdale”. No new episodes will be posted on this show starting November 1, 2021.

New Show: Radio Stockdale
Just War – Dr. Roger Herbert
Character – Dr. Mike Good
Moral Deliberation – Dr. Marcus Hedahl
Moral Perception – Dr. Marcus Hedahl
NE203 Overview – Dr. Chris Eberle
Just War: Moral & Legal Implications
Special Edition 2nd and 3rd Amendment
Federalism, State’s Rights and the Role of the 14th
Judicial Procedure