A 50-year Journey

In this episode of RadioStockdale, host Michael Sears recounts his transformative journey from the Naval Academy to the Marine Corps, civilian life, and back to the Yard at the Stockdale Center. He highlights the enduring lessons of integrity, leadership, and ethical decision-making learned throughout his career. Through personal reflections and professional insights, he emphasizes the […]

Character Driven Leadership

Our guest is the Commandant of Midshipman, Col James Mcdonough, USMC. We discuss how the principles of character and resilience influenced the evolution of his leadership style, from Midshipman to Marine Colonel. We go on to talk about the changing landscape of technology in modern warfare, the evolving role of women in leadership positions, and […]

AI and Educational Integrity

How does the Naval Academy balance the potential educational benefits of generative AI with the need to maintain educational integrity and the development of critical thinking skills in Midshipmen? Given the nuanced approach to AI in classroom settings, what challenges have you faced in implementing and enforcing policies on the use of generative AI, and […]

AI and the Classical Greeks

How might the philosophies of the classical Greeks apply to today’s AI technologies? Does the concept of a virtuous life translate into the development and use of artificial intelligence? Given their belief in the value of seeking knowledge as a pathway to virtue, how might this principle apply to the creation of AI systems that […]

ENCORE: AI and the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

We are at an inflection point in warfare, just as significant as the introduction of gunpowder or the airplane. The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is transforming U.S. Joint warfighting and departmental processes through the integration of Artificial Intelligence. Does the JAIC work in the data center, or at the tip of the spear? How […]

AI and Weapons Targeting

What is the role of AI in modern targeting processes. We explore the delicate balance between human and machine functions, unravel the essence of ‘meaningful human control’ in AI targeting, and dissect the crucial steps of target development. Delve into how target system analysis enhances our understanding of enemy vulnerabilities and interdependencies. Plus, we examine […]

Responsible AI

Responsible AI Governance involves ongoing monitoring and evaluation of AI systems to identify and address potential risks. This proactive approach helps organizations manage risks related to bias, security, and unintended consequences. But why is RAI Governance important and why does it matter? How can one get started when you want to build RAI Governance control […]

AI and the Alignment Challenge

We dive deep into the intricacies and ethical considerations of AI development, specifically focusing on OpenAI’s Chat-GPT and GPT-4. Join us as we discuss how OpenAI approached the alignment problem, the impact of Human Aligned Reinforcement Learning, and the role of human raters in shaping Chat-GPT. We’ll also revisit past AI mishaps like Microsoft’s Tay […]

Demystifying ChatGPT

We demystify the technology behind Chat GPT and other generative AI like Google’s Bard. Starting from the basics, we explore how Chat GPT functions as an app, generating near-human quality responses. We delve into the mechanics of Large Language Models (LLMs) and how they predict text. The episode also covers the massive scale of training […]

AI & Deterrence

Artificial Intelligence enhances deterrence capabilities in various ways, contributing to the overall effectiveness of military strategies and national security. Deterrence aims to dissuade adversaries from taking certain actions by convincing them that the costs or risks outweigh the potential benefits. So, how does AI, particularly machine learning, serve as a force multiplier in the development […]