Black Hawk Down

What does this 2001 film, concerning a complex military operation to take two lieutenants of a Somali warlord, tell us about the complexities of peace-keeping operations and military operations in heavily populated urban environments? What does it tell us


What does this 2021 film adaptation of the 1965 Frank Herbert novel attempt to portray in terms of the predestination of Paul Atreides and his evolving attitude toward the leadership role toward which he is being groomed? Do Paul’s visions of his own futu

Net Worth

What does this story, set in 1957 Detroit tell us about the efforts of Ted Lindsey to unionize the players of the ‘original six’ teams of the NHL? How does the monopoly power over US teams, such as the Redwings and Blackhawks held by the Norris family ill

War of the Worlds

How does this 2005 Steven Spielberg film attempt to update the basic storyline from the H.G. Welles novel? What thematic elements does it leave out and why? Does the imagery, reminiscent of news coverage of the 9/11 attacks, convey any important message a

Excorcist III – Legion

What does this film, a sequel to the famous 1973 film, tell us about the problem of evil? How does the friendship between police Lt. Kinderman and Father Ryan allow the film to explore the issues raised for belief in God posed by the occurrence of gratuit

The Long Halloween

What does this animated Batman film, based upon a graphic novel, tell us about Hobbesian views with regard to self-interest, social mores, legal codes and social contract? How does Batman’s motivation differ from the crime families portrayed in this film?

The Junction Boys

What does this film, based upon the Jim Dent book of the same name, tell us about football coaching philosophies that were common in the 1950s and 1960s? Does Paul (Bear) Bryant come to the conclusion that he went too far in his efforts to break the lacka

The Breadwinner

What does this film, set in 2000 Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, tell us about the misogyny at the heart of Taliban governance? How does the bully character Idrees instantiate this? How does the film’s portrayal of Parvana and her father show they have va