2022 – The Ethics of Military Artificial Intelligence

Panel: Brain Computer Interface Panel: Military AI and Moral Psychology Panel: Philosophical Perspectives on Military AI, part I Panel: Philosophical Perspectives on Military AI, part II Panel: Comparative Perspectives on Military AI Panel: Intellectual History of Military AI Conversation Mr. Mitt Regan, Dr. Paul Scharre – The Future of Military AI Panel: Service Perspectives on […]

First Bell Lecture Series: Dr. Bruce Jones, “To Rule the Waves”

The Stockdale Center and the Forum on Integrated Naval History and Seapower Studies (FINHSS) present a First Bell Lecture in Naval Leadership and History, “To Rule the Waves: Seapower, Economics, and Geopolitical Leadership in the Modern Age.” The speaker, Dr. Bruce Jones, director of the Project on International Order and Strategy at the Brookings Institution. […]

Dr. Nancy Sherman: Five Myths About Stoicism

Dr. Nancy Sherman, philosopher at Georgetown University and former Distinguished Chair of Ethics at the Stockdale Center presented a lecture entitled “Five Myths about Stoicism.” Dr. Sherman is an accomplished expert on Ancient Philosophy, and author of the recently published book “Stoic Wisdom: Ancient Lessons for Modern Resilience”Midshipman engaged in a virtual Q & A […]

Dr. Jessica M. Mohler, “Athletic and Military Performance – A Neurocognitive Perspective on Success.”

This presentation is part of the ‘Brain Science and Effective Leadership Series,’ hosted by the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership.Dr. Jess Mohler from the USNA Midshipmen Development Center discusses “Athletic and Military Performance – A Neurocognitive Perspective on Success.” Dr. Jessica M. Mohler, CC-AASP, is a clinical and sport psychologist. For the past seven years […]

Winter 2020 – Ryan Holiday – speaks about “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Life”

https://youtu.be/41-gTa1qowg February 27th, author Ryan Holiday was the guest speaker at the 2020 Honor Courage and Commitment Luncheon, sponsored by the Stockdale Center, through the generous funding of Dr. Ernst and Sarah Volgenau. The Luncheon invites prominent national thought leaders and influencers to reflect on ethical leadership principles they have found powerful in their own […]

Fall 2019 – Brad Snyder – Retired EOD officer, and Paralympic World Record Holder speaks about “Triumph over adversity.”

https://youtu.be/-ryM_ehdxa4 Mr. Brad Snyder, wounded warrior and medalist athlete, was the guest speaker for the 2019 Honor Courage and Commitment Luncheon, an event that invites faculty, staff and midshipmen for an afternoon of inspiration and fellowship. Leaders, innovators and people who make a difference through service are invited to share their stories with the group. […]