Dr. James Giordano: Big Data, AI and Security/Defense on the Global Stage

How will the convergence of “big data,” AI and neuroscience impact warfare? In a lunchtime lecture to Midshipmen, Dr. Jim Giordano–Professor of Neurology, Biochemistry and Military Medical Ethics at Georgetown University Medical Center, and editor of Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense: Practical Considerations, Neuroethical Concerns–discussed risks, threats and ethical challenges posed by these technologies.    Midshipman engaged in […]

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

How does this 2000 film engage with and differ from Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey, on which it is loosely based? How do various characters in the film, which is set in the deep South during the depression, reflect famous characters in that story? How does the film portray the role of popular music in […]